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Wright House proprietors Peggy and Michael Wright must have made a pact with Satan's gardener, because somehow their lush landscaping manages to stay green and flowering nearly all year. The property houses three buildings a historic cottage house, an English ballroom and a recently added French villa that can be rented for weddings, special occasions and private parties.

Wrought-iron fences and delicate gazebos are covered with ivy and fragrant jasmine. Stone walkways snake through country gardens planted with roses and perennials bursting in vibrant shades of fuchsia, pink and saffron. The best part? There's not one goddamned cactus on the lot. For those of you who specialize in committing the most profane acts of immorality, now you can royally piss off God in a variety of ways at Apollo's Greek God Revue. As if the infamously sassy GLBT clientele that frequents Apollo's wasn't enough to get on the Lord's bad side, now guests can further annoy the Most High with the overt idolatry of Dionysian-loving tranny sing-alongs, the likes of which some fundamentalists might say could invoke the wrath of God with more urgency than the folks in those little towns called Sodom and Gomorrah.

To add injury, the party happens every Sunday night, a day typically reserved by the rightest of the right for spiritual fasting and meditation. Perhaps the guys at Apollo's view their wacky Sunday night Greek drag extravaganzas as worshipful in their own way. Since the Lord hasn't struck them down yet, be sure not to miss a week; that would really light up this already fabulous party!

So your last houseplant turned black, you think putting leftover meat loaf in your orchid's pot means you've fed it, and you've now proven multiple times that you can, in fact, kill a cactus. No worries. The folks at Garden Territory have heard it all before.

Miten se toimii?

The shop offers gardening classes for all skill levels, from novice to seasoned grower. Learn how to plant an herb garden, grow tomatoes, or design and execute a backyard flower bed. Most of the instructors are self-proclaimed "Barn Goddesses" ex-hippies who now hover somewhere between corporate clone and tree-hugger.

These ladies are so relaxed from morning yoga and afternoon aromatherapy that you could accidentally kill their whole demonstration garden and they'd just give you a hug. How does your garden grow? Probably quite nicely, if you've hooked up with the folks at the cooperative garden at Scottsdale Community College. Spread across a couple acres on the northeast end of campus, a fragrant plot of tilled earth has provided fertile soil for SCC's students, faculty, neighbors, and other local residents to cultivate all manner of fabulous flora for more than a decade.

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Fruits like watermelons and cantaloupe sprout alongside rows of herbs and veggies ranging from turnips to tarragon. There's also a greenhouse-size selection of budding plants and trees in the garden of earthly delights, ranging from pine trees to yucca plants. And just because it's on a college campus, no, you can't relocate your cannabis collection here, so don't even bother asking. After attending a few of Monkey Pants' "One O'Clock Shirtless Shot" promotions, we wholeheartedly endorse going topless at this wacky watering hole in Tempe. A single one-cent shot of any liquor in stock including such premium spirits as Patrn and Hennessey is doled out to anyone engaging in the half-naked high jinks ladies are required to wear bras.

It's quite often a post-midnight madhouse, as the nightly event is jam-packed with ASU frat boys, urban cowboys, and dreadlocked hippies, all of whom wanna get bare-chested for booze. We recommend doing some crunches beforehand. The rest of the Valley's Catholics celebrate the modern Mass born out of the widespread modernization of the Catholic Church in the s known as Vatican II. Because LeBlanc refused to change to the modern-style Mass, he was kicked out of the diocese by former bishop, pedophile hide-and-seeker and Native American hit-and-runster Thomas O'Brien.

This summer, a diocesan priest incorrectly stated in his parish bulletin that LeBlanc had been "excommunicated" by the pope. A minor faux pas, you say? One would think.

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But the mistake sent LeBlanc into an old-school tizzy. He filed a lawsuit. He demanded a very public apology. What was more fun, though, were the letters sent out by LeBlanc and his fellow traditionalist priests, in which they blame Vatican II, and the priests schooled under its liberal laws, for just about every heresy committed by a Catholic priest in the past 30 years. Some nuggets: "You people don't even use the proper Roman Catholic Bible! You are leading the souls of your flock straight through the gates and into the fires of hell.

Yet another thrust of the spear. They remind us of the fevered Baptist revivals of the hillbilly South. The weird little hand dance thinger. The blaring band of Creed wanna-bes. Women reaching for the sky like peyote-crazed medicine doctors.

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What's next? LeBlanc calls for solemn reverence in his church. After seeing enough Diocese-sanctioned services, that seems like a pretty damn good idea. Underwear night definitely operates under the premise "less is more. The house lights aren't the only thing that drops at 9 p. It's not necessary to bare most of your bod to enjoy the evening, but there is a buck off the cover charge reward for those brave souls who decide to strip down or just show up in their undies.

Now, there's a lot of competition for this honor. Do you have a strong desire to get to that next level of peak performance? Are your relationships not as strong as you wish them to be? I help executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, leaders, and other high achievers permanently reduce anxiety and stress while.

The unique first responder population can benefit from working collaboratively with a professional who is culturally competent and understands the ins and outs of emergency service work. I have worked with, for and around emergency services my entire life and understand the common stressors and needs of these hard-working, unique folks.

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The spe. Relationships are difficult, particularly the ones that are most important to us. Couples and Families often get stuck in unhealthy patterns with one another. We long to feel secure, connected and loved but end up hurt and isolated from each other. Therapy can help. I specialize in working with couples to improve connection and foster secure and. My greatest joy is seeing individuals grow, couples reunite, and parents and their children find peace and truly understand each other. I have been in the field of psychology my entire adult life, and I continue to feel honored to be part of so many people's lives as they move toward and find emotional fulfillment.

Professional memberships: I. Not finding the right therapist? Search for therapists in Scottsdale , Tempe , or Glendale to expand your search. Marriage and relationship counselors and therapists in Phoenix can help address or resolve a variety of issues involving romantic partners. Couples counselors may suggest exercises, either in session or to take home, as well as other tools and resources that can help partners develop more productive, loving ways of relating to one another. However, not all relationship counseling is about resolving problems.

Many couples seek therapy in Phoenix simply to learn skills and strategies that may help them prevent relationship problems, misunderstandings, and conflict in the future. Premarital counseling is specifically designed to help couples enter marriage with open eyes and address potential areas of conflict before they become serious issues. Some therapists also specialize in nontraditional relationship structures such as polyamory or ethical nonmonogamy.

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Some conflict in relationships is normal and healthy. However, if you and your partner frequently experience problems that linger for days or longer without resolution, consider contacting a therapist in our directory. Research suggests that relationships characterized by criticism, resentment, contempt, and stonewalling are far more likely to end in breakup, but effective couples counseling can work to repair the damage.

For your convenience, the carefully screened therapists listed above—all of whom specialize in marriage and relationship counseling—practice in Phoenix. They are trained and ethically bound to protect your confidentiality and privacy. If cost is a concern, ask about insurance, sliding-scale fees, payment plans, and other options.

Many therapists are driven by a desire to help, no matter the obstacles.

Are you a therapist or mental health professional looking for innovative ways to market your practice and get referrals in Phoenix? Keeping up with continuing education requirements, increasing your online presence, and being associated with the most trusted resource in mental health are just three of many reasons to join GoodTherapy. Start connecting with clients today! Get Listed Login. Get Help Learn About.

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Phoenix, AZ Theresa is passionate about helping people reach their personal potential and heal underlying trauma. Marian C. Marbi Gallaway MA. LISAC Counselor, Other Verified I specialize in working with those individuals, couples and families who suffer from codependence and addictions to sex, love, food, chemicals or other compulsive disorders.