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It now couldn't be easier to do a car registration check thanks to our range of innovative mobile app's. With our fantastic vehicle check app, you can perform a car data check wherever you are at the touch of a button, and still receive all the valuable information you require. The app includes a full registration and search history as well as giving you up to 72 fields of information per vehicle. You can also search by registration and check a VIN number. By using our car registration check app you can also receive great rewards, special offers and discount vouchers, making our vehicle check even better value for money.

The car check app is available on both iPhone and Android phones, and integrates Facebook and Twitter sharing, so you can share your car data check information with everyone.

Together we bring you a vehicle history check you can trust. This means that you can buy your next used car with confidence. Get your instant car history check now Please enter a valid reg. Is it Stolen? Is it Cloned? Update an existing check. Redeem your pre-paid check.

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Reports can show the following Information Written Off. Stolen Check. How Many Owners. Mileage Records. The distinguishing sign should be displayed on the far left or far right of the registration plate.

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When a symbol, flag or emblem is also displayed, the distinguishing sign shall be placed on the far left of the plate. In the European Economic Area, vehicles from one member state do not need to display the oval while within another state, provided the number plate is in the common EU standard format introduced in the s, which includes the international vehicle registration code on the plate.

In Switzerland, many cars have a oval sticker, because the license plate do not include the international vehicle registration code. Vehicle registration codes Toll roads.

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Supplied To You Ltd is registered with the DVLA only to supply the physical number plates and plates we offer for sale are mostly unissued Goverment stock. Use our plate builder below to find your perfect plate.

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