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If this is inside the stored vehicle, you will be allowed to retrieve it. If a person other than the registered owner is retrieving the vehicle, that person will need the following documentation. An official government photo ID.

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A written and signed statement from the registered owner granting permission for the named individual to retrieve the vehicle. A valid Driver License. Payment by one of the excepted methods of payment. Working on your vehicle at the tow lot is strictly prohibited.

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What do I do if my car has a 30 day hold attached to it? Do NOT contact the contract tow company. If you receive a vehicle release form from the Post Storage Hearing Officer: Contact the tow company to determine which lot they have stored your vehicle.

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What do I do if the contract tow company has damaged my vehicle? Pay all required fees, obtain a detailed receipt, and retrieve your vehicle to eliminate any additional fees.

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Take photos of the vehicle and damage immediately. Document the date, time, and names of all company representatives you speak with. Contact a tow company supervisor and discuss resolutions. Document any actions taken by the tow company. What do I do if the contract tow company is overcharging me?

Check the fee schedule to verify charges. Bring the overcharge to the attention of the tow company employee. The City of Glendale adheres to the guidelines prescribed by the California Vehicle Code with regard to the contesting of parking citations.

Contesting a parking citation is a three step process. Click here to contest your citation online. Administrative Hearing - If your citation was upheld in Step 1, you may proceed with an administrative hearing. Please be sure to carefully follow the instructions on the Administrative Review Decision - Liable form that was mailed to you. State Law requires that you submit payment owed on the citation when proceeding with this step except as provided in Section b of the California Vehicle Code.

Your request and payment must be received no later than twenty-one 21 calendar days of the mailing of the results of the Administrative Review in Step 1. Failing to meet these requirements will result in your citation being upheld and you will have waived your ability to further contest the citation.

You must obtain a Notice of Appeal form from the court.

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Broadway, Glendale, CA Your failure to timely file this appeal will result in your waiver to have the matter heard by the court. To request a call for service or need general information, please contact our dispatch center 24 hours a day at To request a temporary no parking sign verification, please call our customer service desk at during normal business hours. Click here for temporary no parking sign posting guidelines. How do I handle a City of Glendale correctable parking citation C.

CVC Sections and require vehicle inspection and evidence of violation correction. To avoid additional penalty the citation must be paid by the due date. Click here if you do not have your original citation. I parked in a disabled space and forgot to hang my Disabled Placard.

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Do I still have to pay the citation? It is your responsibility to display your Disabled Placard in order to park in a disabled space or anywhere where you may be exempt from certain parking restrictions as provided by law. Click here to contest your citation. Failure to contest and submit documentation as stated above will result in the penalty being increased and additional collection activity. Is it possible to perform community service instead of paying for my parking citation?

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Payment plans are not available unless you meet the requirements under CVC Low Income Individuals: CVC allows for installment payments to qualifying low income individuals who apply within sixty 60 days from the issuance of parking violation, or within ten 10 days after an administrative hearing determination, whichever is later. Used Jeep Cars. Home Used Jeep Cars. Filter Results. Year All 1 1 1 Clear Filters. Expires on: Miles. Buy Now. Compare Compare.

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