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In spite of the sizable spectacle created by director John Singleton, the stakes for this sequence are fairly low, but it offers plenty of gratuitous cop car crashes and a heartwarming display of street racers working together. Most of the car scenes in Tokyo Drift take place in the context of racing, especially as its lead Sean Lucas Black gets deeper into the world of drift racing. As part of the chase, they snake impressively in between innocent bystanders, and later on have to drift though big crowds of people who disperse just in time.

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After side character Jesse is gunned down in front of the Toretto home, Dom gives chase for the two bike-riding shooters, with Brian — now revealed to be a cop — going after all three of them. Dom and Brian dodge bullets as the gang members including lead villain Train spray bullets all over the hilly streets of their neighborhood. But once the chase is down to Dom and Brian, it leads to an iconic drag race, on a stretch of road that has inspired Dom to live his life a quarter-mile at a time.

It imagines a car-boosting heist in jaw-dropping manner, with Brian, Mia Jordana Brewster , Dom and others trying to steal cars from a moving train in Brazil, which starts with using harpoons to rip off the side of the locomotive.

2 FAST 2 FURIOUS - Pink Slip Race (Eclipse & Evo vs Camaro & Challenger) #1080HD

After a few cars are stolen and driven away, the deal falls apart and Dom and Brian have to protect themselves — Brian ends up commandeering a truck before it can catch Mia, who gets away in one of the boosted cars. Brian and Dom driving their getaway mobile off the side of a cliff is merely icing on the cake. The coda for this thrilling intro is none other than Dom and Letty, with nowhere to go but forward, driving underneath a gas truck as it tumbles down the hill, bursting into flames.

Driven by baddies Owen Shaw Luke Evans and Vegh Clara Paget , it zips and looks like a formula one racing car with a ramp on it, and its super power is that it can launch any car that it drives up to into the air.

Schlock Corridor: 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS (2003)

Add it to busy London nighttime traffic, and you get this giddy, colorful sequence of clever car crashes. The expertly edited action sequence then takes us into a claustrophobic series of tunnels, most of which had to be made in post-production. This might be the first time in all of movie history that a flying car has dodged a heat-seeking missile in order to blow up a nuclear submarine, so we can be grateful for that. The heist in Fast Five is perhaps one of the greatest in all of cinema and definitely one of the best in the series, particularly because it is so on brand: Our heroes smash into a police station, rip out of their targeted vault, and proceed to drag it behind their Dodge Chargers with trusty cables, wagging it through Rio De Janeiro traffic like a deadly steel tail.

The vault tumbles through a bank when Dom and Brian take sharp turns, and clobbers police vehicles along the way; their coordinated driving makes it believable that the vault could keep moving and not let anything get in its way. Fast Five showed the franchise evolving into a heist story, and this sequence displays that change beautifully, especially as the amount of smashed up cop cars and tricky, coordinated driving is more than fulfilled by this edgy approach to a chase.

As cars are ruthlessly pancaked by the military vehicle which bursts out from a hijacked convoy , Dom and the gang use their improvisational skills behind the wheel to stop Shaw. The piece de resistance of Furious 7 comes at the beginning of the second act, after our heroes are recruited to work for the shadowy government head honcho Mr. Nobody Kurt Russell.

Schlock Corridor: 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS () |

Bitter rival Slap Jack, on the other hand, does what any self-respecting street racer would do: he presses a button on his steering wheel, and unleashes a jolt of nitrous oxide. Introducing the gas into a car's mixture of air and fuel doesn't merely provide a brief, gratifying burst of speed - it propels the vehicle forward like the Millennium Falcon jumping into hyperspace.

The world whips by in a mesmerising blur of colour, and the car crackles with magical energy. So when Slap Jack - quickly followed by Brian - unleashes the nitrous, he doesn't so much drive off the edge of the ramp as go flying off it like a plane zooming off an aircraft carrier.

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  7. And as they hurtle through the sticky Miami night sky, howling maniacally at their impending whiplash, something extraordinary happens: Brian's Nissan overtakes Slap Jack's Toyota in midair. Somehow surviving the jump and landing on all four wheels, Brian cruises to victory while Slap Jack skids into a Pepsi sign, his car an obvious write-off.

    Fast & Furious Live review – a stinker in both senses

    The two back-markers, meanwhile - Suki in her pink S and Orange Julius in his red RX-7 - both approach the drawbridge. Suki decides to go for the jump, and demolishes her car in the process. It's left to Orange Julius to make the first sane decision in the whole race: realising he can't possibly win, he decides to cut his losses, and with an "Aw hell no", brings his beloved Mazda to a halt before the jump.

    The very definition of a 'winner takes all' race, the rivalry concludes with Brian taking away a gigantic stack of money, while two of his rivals are left with two completely ruined cars and - we're guessing - severe back trauma. With its candy-coloured cars with infinite forward gears, the Fast franchise has about as much to do with the reality of driving as the Star Wars franchise does with space travel.

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