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Check a new partner's criminal record. Search family history and relationships. Marylin - BeenVerified customer. Our company and industry experts have been seen on:.

Our goal is simple - to help you find all of the public records information you need. Search Public Records By State:. New Jersey. New Mexico. New York.

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North Carolina. Puerto Rico. Most background checks are generated automatically from data repositories maintained by private companies and state and federal governments. When people say public records, they are usually referring to civil issues such as lawsuits, traffic tickets, vital records such as marriage, divorce, birth and death , bankruptcies and the like.

When people say background check, they usually have in mind criminal records, warrant searches, arrest records and other criminal information. Believe it or not, almost all of this information is public record by law, and is available to anyone who is willing to make the effort to search for it. Some jurisdictions make it incredibly simple, and have dedicated web portals that allow you to search. Others are stuck in the paper age, and often require an on site search in the county courthouse.

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Should I search myself or use an online background check provider? Online background check services really shine in two ways. They spend a fortune sucking up all the data available, something that might take you years or you might not even be able to accomplish with a limited budget at all. We try to be unbiased about these things. Every provider has its strengths and weaknesses, depending on how they collect their data and what kind of algorithms they use.

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Free background check - does such a thing really exist? There are definitely many sources of free online background information, especially on the state level. See our state by state guides above for specifics. There are even a few federal sources that are free to search, too. The problem starts with knowing where to search and who to search on. Or perhaps he committed a crime on the other side of the country. What kind of free background check info is out there if I want to search by myself? As mentioned above, start with our state by state guides. Bankruptcy records can also be searched online by opening an account on Pacer.