Find tracking device on car

After having one of my earlier vehicle being stolen few years back, always had this phobia of my car getting lifted.

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This little device came to my rescue of late and I'm actually having this sense of relief now, which I never felt before. Only problem I'm facing is remote engine stopping option is not available in the push button start vehicles.

GPS Car Tracker

Rest all fine. The app removes all worries of the owner. It has alarms, remote engine off feature, vehicle analytics, notifications if vehicle moves from safezones which can be set. Overall happy with the product.

Excellent support form the company and all issues and questions promptly answered. I would highly recommend this product for students traveling to and from home to school and while going out on study trips.

GPS Tracking Devices - Buy GPS Tracking Devices Online at

This product brings peace of mind to parents. Battery life is one whole day. Currently unavailable.

See All Buying Options. Garmin GPS etrex Very useful.

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Price is also low. Easy to operate.

How To Find A Hidden GPS Tracking Device On A Car Using The Pro10-G Bug Detector

The product is as good as a high level security. I would like to thank the team who have made the product on a future safety base. If a tracker has not been installed correctly, it will be easy to find. Look carefully at the metal parts of your vehicle. Many GPS devices are attached to solid metal portions of a car or truck, so this is where your search should begin.

How Can You Tell if Your Car Is Being Tracked?

Some GPS devices are much larger, but most can fit inside of your fist. Use your hand to search inside of your trunk. Often, the best way to find a tracker is to run your hands along the underside of a car or inside of your trunk. Purchase a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures device. Blyton Park Track Day. You can also track a vehicle if that vehicle will be used by employees and you own it , but you must tell employees before you install a GPS tracking device — the same goes for any car that you intend to rent to someone else notification must be given.

All of that said, every state has different laws that pertain to auto tracking and GPS car tracking devices. If you are within your rights, you should have a GPS tracker professionally installed, so that the device is not easily detectable. The best way to install a tracker is to have the device hard-wired into your car by an expert team. It should also be noted that anything contained in this article should not be taken as legal advice.