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Katherine recalls thinking. Her aunt was unsure of her father's name or how it was spelled, but thought he was called Casey Vandenberg. She remembered he had worked at a hospital, and although she thought he'd moved to the U. Even as Katherine got swept up in work and motherhood she had a son, Lyndon, and three years later a daughter, Kristin , she kept searching. She checked phone books, and when the Internet became available, she regularly typed potential spellings of her dad's name into search engines. Having divorced her first husband, she married David in , and he supported her search.

When her daughter had a baby the next year, her desire to meet her dad intensified, so in she joined a genealogy site, hoping to discover relatives who knew him. Nothing turned up. Katherine's children, now 33 and 29, told her to keep looking. And my son knew how much I longed to find out — he even went ahead and searched on his own without my knowledge. Finally, last summer — just as Katherine had thrown up her hands and wondered aloud "Where are you? Then came the hard part: waiting for results. Sure enough, last September, just over two months after mailing in the sample, Katherine was watching TV when her phone alerted her that she had a new e-mail.

When I opened the e-mail, it said I had a match. Through Family Tree DNA, Katherine was able to access Gerdi Vandenberg Altman's e-mail address, so she fired off a note explaining that she was looking for her dad and sharing the bits of information she had. The reply came right away: That sounds like my uncle Casey.

Dad Doesn't Know He Has a Daughter - Long Lost Family

The two got on the phone and chatted, and Gerdi promised to reach out to her uncle. Casey, 82 and retired, was living in Cape Coral, FL. He was initially skeptical when his niece told him that he had a daughter he'd never known about. But as Gerdi explained about the high DNA match, Casey suddenly recalled the woman he'd dated more than 50 years before.

Minutes after having talked with his niece, Casey sent Katherine an e-mail introducing himself. The Church of England discourages private baptisms, as you will see at the start of this extract from the Book of Common Prayer. Double baptisms are not permitted. Double birth registrations are rarer, and when they do occur they're easily missed: see the next article for an example.

Double marriages are unusual, but far from unheard of - in most cases I've seen the groom was in the army and required permission to marry. If permission wasn't forthcoming he would marry secretly, then marry 'officially' when permission was eventually given. See my article for more information. Note: if you have Catholic ancestors you might well find that their marriage was recorded in two churches, one Catholic, and one Church of England.

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Last month I wrote about the teenage girl who was described on the Census as "Single - on the look out " - you can see the census entry again here. As you can see from the GRO index, the birth was registered twice, first as legitimate bottom entry and then as illegitimate.

Now take a look at the birth register entries:. It's not unusual for the illegitimate child of an eldest daughter to be registered as the child of the grandparents see this article from a year ago , and Ann was certainly still young enough to bear children, though her last child was born in Have you? Eight years ago I wrote about a fascinating project which focused on the lives of the poor in London; I recently noticed that the website has been expanded to include Manchester. Over the weekend I was reading about another of their projects: it focuses on baptisms, with a particular focus on the age at which children were baptised.

I found it fascinating - look out for an article in the next newsletter. The October issue of The Local Historian , the journal of the British Association for Local History has an article which, while focusing on the identification of field names, provides some useful pointers that will help in the interpretation of medieval documents. I'm a member of the BALH, so my copy arrived in the post, but the good news is that this particular article is available online for anyone to read - you'll find a PDF copy here.

It's also worth looking at the website of the Institute for Name Studies, which includes an index to the meanings of 14, English place names. Gill wrote to me recently with an example of how finding an unexpected name in a will had helped her to identify a previously unknown branch of her tree:. This week I received some of the wills I ordered from the Probate Service, and trawled through them, trying not to expect too much.

In fact, most of them were fairly straightforward and there were few surprises. It was the will of my great-great-great aunt Margaret Hughes, who died in aged She lived in Sketty , now a suburb of Swansea, and had had more than her fair share of tragedy in her life. She had had three sons, one of whom died in infancy, one at 10 years old, and the third, William Terry Hughes died in aged just She and her son William had run a successful ironmongery business in Oxford Street in Swansea. I also knew from a letter in my possession that John Williams had taken his time about distributing the legacies and his cousins in the USA had got annoyed with him and had complained about the delay.

So I turned to the censuses and records online. Further, the census entry for William and Jessie included one Annie Atkins, described as mother-in-law, a widow. But it was the entry in the marriage indexes which answered the conundrum.

The Startup

The marriage record in the parish records confirmed my suspicions. The entry named her as Jessie Hughes, and her father as William Hughes, deceased, an ironmonger.

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So Margaret had left her granddaughter a bequest without identifying her relationship. But now I have a previously unknown branch to investigate!

If you've ordered wills since the July price cut and are still waiting to receive them, check out the discussion on the LostCousins Forum. In June last year I wrote about the mystery of 'Somerton Man', whose body was discovered on an Australian beach in , but whose identity had remained a mystery for 70 years. At that time DNA seemed to offer the best hope of identifying him, but permission to exhume the body had twice been refused.

You can read the updated story here , on the ABC News website. Because Y-DNA is passed on by males to their sons, it tends to follow the surname - the main exceptions being where there was illegitimacy when the child typically takes the mother's surname or adoption. Where one of these has occurred, a Y-DNA test can provide clues to the likely surname of the biological father.

Tip: although some autosomal DNA tests also examine parts of the Y-chromosome the information they provide isn't compatible with standalone Y-DNA tests. Y-DNA tests are relatively expensive because they are 'old technology'. Nevertheless, prices have dropped considerably over the years, and whereas the entry-level test looked at just 12 markers on the Y-chromosome when I first tested, 37 markers is now the minimum. Advantages of Y-DNA tests.


The Boy He Left Behind: A Man's Search for His Lost Father

Disadvantages of Y-DNA tests. However, I have been able to help some of my cousins in the US: one had an ancestor who was adopted in the 19th century, and he was able to identify the likely father as a result of matching with me. The others bear the surname Culver, which is much more common than Calver in the US, though less common in England - I was able to explain that their ancestors probably changed the spelling after they arrived in the US the two surnames have different etymological origins.

But ultimately, whether you can benefit from Y-DNA depends on whether there is a suitable donor in your tree. Most of the illegitimate ancestors in my tree were female, so Y-DNA cannot identify their father, but my great-great-great grandfather, Joseph Harrison, was said to be the son of another Joseph Harrison when he was baptised, aged nearly 5, in - and I'd like to find out whether that was really true. The only way I would be able to confirm my Harrison ancestry using Y-DNA would be to find a male cousin who bears the surname Harrison - but whilst my great-great-great grandfather had three sons, I've only been able to trace one of them, my great-great grandfather, and his only son died aged Which of your 'brick walls' can be solved using Y-DNA?

Now is the time to check, because there's a big saving to be made It's still over 7 weeks to Christmas and more than 3 weeks to Black Friday which is on 29th November this year , but some of the top providers of DNA tests are getting in early, with big discounts on offer.

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