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Whether you refused a chemical test such as a breathalyzer or were found at the scene of an accident visibly intoxicated, any alcohol related driving offense can cause you to be denied entry at the Canadian border. Canada's immigration officials have full access to FBI criminal databases and can easily see if an American has a DUI from the Boise Police or even from drunk driving on a tractor in the Idaho countryside. Being a resident of a State that borders Canada does not make crossing the border with a criminal record any easier.

The border requirements for visiting Canada from USA are the same for all Americans, and people from Idaho must meet them in order to be granted entrance just like all other US citizens.

If you have a DUI arrest or conviction on your record and need to enter Canada, call us now or fill out this form! All rights reserved.

Criminal Penalties

Disclaimer: All info on this website is intended to be of a general nature and does not constitute legal advice! Entry to Canada with a DUI Idaho Foreign nationals that have been arrested or convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol DUI in the State of Idaho may be considered inadmissible to Canada due to criminality and turned away by security at the border. We can help. Aggravated DUI. If you were convicted of an aggravated DUI in Idaho, your license will be suspended for one to five years following your jail release.

Addiction Help

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View All Locations. Idaho ignition interlock installation locations We make it easy to find ignition interlock installation locations near you. Home alcohol monitoring. Help a friend. State of Idaho website. Recommended reading in Idaho. Idaho DUI attorneys With a team dedicated to finding experienced DUI attorneys in Idaho, Intoxalock works to make your ignition interlock experience as easy as possible.

How much does a DUI cost in Idaho?

More Attorneys. More DUI attorneys in Idaho. Olley Law Office Chartered. Center St. Weigt Law Offices. Locust Grove Road. Freeburg Law Office. Our alcohol treatment center partners in the state of Idaho Community Action Agency. Tom Wilson Counseling Center.

This is My First DUI Offense. What Happens Next? - Boise DUI Attorney

The Walker Center. Idaho alcohol treatment centers Some states require DUI counseling and education as a part of alcohol and substance related offenses. More Treatment Centers. This information is provided as a guideline only.