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We are Dancers Against Cancer! Friday 10am-4pm Saturday 10am-4pm We were blessed with some Monday moves and time well spent with these beautiful humans!! Thank you diverseelements for taking the time to dance with us.

We had a blast!!! Thank you to all of our dancers and staff for wearing yellow or gold this week!!

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We are Dancers Against Cancer. If you know someone interested in this class, please email staff misslores. If you have not ordered please place your orders online. We will be shooting to deliver these the second week of dance. Reminder for all of our Dance Rage members ages 9 and up.


Why Can't I Connect with a IP Address? - Ask Leo!

We are so proud of him and his accomplishments. Mackenzie Nicholas, one of our Alumni!!

  • Can I Get Someone's Name and Address from Their IP Address? - Ask Leo!.
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Way to go! We are so proud of you. Classes start at am. Live, Love, Dance. Our staff chose this one because of its message. We are all human beings with so many feelings and emotions. We are going to have bad days and good days, but if we look around there is so much to be thankful for! No one deserves to disappear!! Spread love everywhere you go!! If you only look around, you will be found. The story: A letter that was never meant to be seen, a lie that was never meant to be told, a life he never dreamed he cou This production was certainly a risk, a story that was uniquely told through dance.

We left our hearts on the stage, and the audience in tears. The focus was not on costumes or props, but on the story through dance as a production as it is intended to be. Never miss a chance to dance!!!

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  5. All dancers are welcome. We also received 8 National 1st place championships in the group categories, and several overall placements. I am so proud of all of the hard-work that went into making this year so successful. To do this, the command would look like:. The above command would set a high transmit queue. You can play around with this value to find what works best for your hardware.

    This is a very powerful element of the ip command, and you should use it with caution.

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    Now, say you want to route all traffic via the This article should serve as merely an introduction to the ip command. Because the deprecation of ifconfig has been so slow, the command still exists on many a distribution. For more detailed information on the ip command, take a look at the ip man page by issuing the command man ip from a terminal window.

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    Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Home Tutorials Replacing ifconfig with ip. Although you can install net-tools with the command sudo apt-get install net-tools it is most often recommended to move forward with the command that has replaced ifconfig.

    Now, on with the how-to. Gathering Information The first thing most people learn with the ifconfig command is how to find out what IP address has been assigned to an interface. To do the same with the ip command, it is run as such: ip a This command will list all interfaces with their associated information Figure 1 above.

    To do this, issue the command: ip -4 a Or, if you only want to see IPv6 information: ip -6 a What if you only want to see information regarding a specific interface?

    Can I Get Someone’s Name and Address from Their IP Address?

    You can list information for a wireless connection with the command: ip a show wlan0 You can even get more specific with this command. If you only want to view IPv4 on the wlan0 interface, issue the command: ip -4 a show wlan0 You can even list only the running interface using: ip link ls up Modifying an Interface Now we get into the heart of the command… using it to modify an interface. With the ifconfig command, that would look like: ifconfig eth0 For example, to delete the address just assigned to eth0, issue the following command: ip a del The ip command has you covered with this command: ip -s -s a f to To bring eth0 down, issue: ip link set dev eth0 down To bring eth0 back up, use: ip link set dev eth0 up With the ip command, you can also add and delete default gateways.

    This is handled like so: ip route add default via To do this, the command would look like: ip link set txqueuelen dev eth0 The above command would set a high transmit queue.

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    Suppose you want to view all routing tables. To do this, you would issue the command: ip r The output of this command will look like that shown in Figure 2. Running Blockchain Applications in Hyperledger Explorer. All rights reserved. The Linux Foundation has registered trademarks and uses trademarks. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.