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Why RingCentral An overview of what we do, why we do it, and who we do it for. Customers Case studies shared by our valued customers. Alpha characters may also be used in phone numbers, such as in Flowers. Phone numbers have only one prefix area code or national destination code at a given time. In the mids in Iceland, phone numbers changed from 5 and 6 digits to 7 digits.

The old system had regional prefixes, but the new one doesn't. During the transition period, phone numbers could be reached by the old area code or the new 7 digit number a different prefix. For example, a Reykjavik phone number could be dialed with nnnnn and 55nnnnn inside the region, and nnnnn and 55nnnnn from outside. Tip: During transition periods, make sure that both forms of a number are supported for look-up by phone number. Depending on the type of transition, you may need to contact affected customers and ask them to update their number.

A leading zero in numbers formatted for domestic usage can always be discarded when dialing from abroad. In some countries, people write the national prefix in brackets typically 0 after the country calling code to indicate that it should be discarded when dialing internationally. Tip: Use the library to parse and format numbers to handle this correctly for every country. The country or area code of a phone number indicates the user's location, place of residence, time-zone, or preferred language.

There are many reasons for someone to have a phone number issued in a state or region other than where they reside or hold citizenship. Tip: Programmers should not disallow users from signing up with a phone number merely because it belongs to another country. Care should be taken when calling methods such as isValidNumberForRegion that this is what's actually intended. If you have a phone input widget, make sure you allow numbers to be entered in international format i. The plus sign in front of phone numbers in international format is optional, or can always be replaced by The plus sign is part of the E.

It can be replaced with the international call prefix when dialing internationally.

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Note that while 00 is a common international call prefix, this actually varies by country. This is technically incorrect. Some users use their contact lists to store things like birthdays or other information. Unless a piece of user-supplied data has actually been verified to be a phone number, it should be stored as-is as entered by the user. Never try to store phone numbers as an int or any other kind of numeric data type.

You can't do arithmetic on them, and while , 07 and 7 are the same number they are not necessarily the same phone number - in some countries a leading 0 is significant and forms part of the number itself see A leading zero in numbers formatted for domestic usage can always be discarded when dialing from abroad.

Moreover, a phone number may contain other diallable characters see Phone numbers contain only digits or an extension portion, dialled after waiting for a tone. National numbering plans, such as those administered by the ITU , represent the intentions of the government or telecom. These may be published before, during, or after the actual implementation of numbering plan changes in the real world.

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The actual date on which a phone number range becomes active may not always adhere to official announcements. Ignore Learn more. Watch Star 10k Fork 1. Permalink Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Branch: master Find file Copy path.

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Find file Copy path. The service charge that applies to any particular number can be found by consulting the provider of the number.

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Need to build number formatting into a piece of software or a database? The basic list of patterns and accompanying notes below show the various valid formats in the UK in The list needs to be parsed in the order shown to work properly; the last match in the list is the one to use for any given number. As an example, matches the second line of the list and no others, so is formatted as Meanwhile the last line matched by the number is the third line in the list, so the correct formatting is On signs and vehicle graphics, it is helpful to display numbers in full, on a single line and with spaces in the correct place, to aid memorability and readability.

Browse the area code listings for specific guidance on how to write phone numbers in each area. Guide to UK phone numbers List of area codes and prefixes Mobile phone numbers International calling codes Call cost guide Number formatting rules. Phone number formatting How to write UK telephone numbers Landlines Mobiles Special numbers Overseas Programmers Signage Writing phone numbers correctly makes them easier to read and remember, as well as reducing the risk of numbers being misdialled.

Number starts Type Recommended format 01 Landlines geographic Various — see below 02 Landlines geographic 02x xxxx xxxx 03 Landlines non-geographic 03xx xxx xxxx 04 Not used - 05 Corporate numbering and VOIP 05xxx xxxxxx 06 Not used - 07 Mobiles, pagers and personal 07xxx xxxxxx 08 Service numbers special rates 08xx xxx xxxx 09 Service numbers premium rates 09xx xxx xxxx Geographic landline numbers Geographic numbers are the normal home and business numbers that begin with area codes tied to specific locations.

Mobile phones There is no set pattern for mobile phone numbers, although it is helpful to break up the number with at least one space for readability. Special numbers Freephone, premium rate and other similar numbers starting with 03, 08 or 09 can be written in whichever pattern aids memorability.