King county shot during search warrant

Officers were investigating a suspicious person call in the area when they encountered a subject wanted on multiple warrants. The subject resisted arrested and Ike was released for an apprehension. The subject stabbed Ike multiple times in the chest, head, and neck before being taken into custody. His wounds were too extensive and he had to be euthanized early the next morning. His handler was conducting off-leash exercises with Jimmy in Cecil Moses Memorial Park during their shift at approximately am. Jimmy was able to get through a break in a chain link fence and ran onto the roadway, where he was struck.

He certified March 27th, , had secured his first capture within 50 hours of certification. K9 Barney died after inadvertently ingesting methamphetamine conducting a narcotics search as part of a search warrant at a storage unit in Puyallup. Barney located unwrapped, powdered methamphetamine and ingested it after putting his nose on the substance.

He was rushed to an emergency vet hospital where he remained until passing away the following night. Three subjects were arrested and charged in connection with the narcotics trafficking case, which resulted in a seizure of 44 pounds of methamphetamine from the storage unit. K-9 Buddy worked for the Lynnwood police department from where he was partnered with Sergeant Cole Langdon.

K-9 Buddy was a dual-purpose dog trained to locate hidden criminal suspects and missing persons and to sniff out illegal drugs. During his career K-9 Buddy was responsible for over captures of criminals and hundreds of narcotic finds.

Tommy Le's Death Shows Us Why Cops Can't Investigate Themselves

These K-9 Officers were killed in the line of duty. As of December 31, there have been 20 K-9 line of duty deaths in It is with profound sadness that we inform you that Lynnwood Police has lost a member of its family. Vader worked hard tracking bad guys and recovering evidence right up until the very end. He was 7 years-old. Vader caught a lot of bad people who would have otherwise goten away with their crimes. Whether the State has established a prima facie case of conspiracy in order to render admissible under ER d 2 v a statement of a coconspirator which otherwise would constitute hearsay is determined without considering the coconspirator's statement.

A coconspirator's statements against a criminal defendant are not made during the course of and in furtherance of the conspiracy and thus cannot qualify as hearsay exceptions under ER d 2 v if they consist of casual, retrospective comments made to an acquaintance in a conversation about past events. In a joint trial, where an extrajudicial hearsay statement by one defendant, not subject to cross examination, implicates his codefendant and does not fall within a "firmly rooted hearsay exception," CrR 4.

Error of constitutional magnitude in a criminal trial is not harmless unless the appellate court is convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was not prejudiced. A prosecutor's improper remark does not necessitate a new trial unless the defendant establishes a substantial likelihood, in view of all the evidence and the instructions, that the remark affected the verdict.

A trial court's failure to give a particular type of instruction will not be considered on appeal if the proponent of the instruction neither submitted a proposed instruction to the trial court nor set one out verbatim in his brief as required by RAP No lesser included offense instruction should be given if the evidence does not support an inference that the lesser offense was committed. The invalidation of the death penalty provisions of former RCW 9A. The State claimed that defendant Stratton requested defendant Anderson to do the shooting in order to intimidate a person then present in the lounge who had previously participated in a contract murder committed by defendant Stratton so as to assure that person's silence of the earlier crime.

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Stone, J. Court of Appeals: Holding that no prejudicial error had been committed in denying a change of venue, issuing search warrants, seizing evidence during the searches, admitting various items of evidence, instructing the jury, refusing to declare a mistrial based on prosecutorial misconduct, and sentencing the defendants to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole but that the admission of defendant Stratton's hearsay statements required severance of the trial of defendant Anderson, the court AFFIRMS the conviction of defendant Stratton and REVERSES the conviction of defendant Anderson.

King County Sheriff's Office arrests 5 accused gang members

In consolidated appeals John Fredrick Anderson and Robert Ross Stratton challenge convictions on multiple counts of aggravated first degree murder and first degree assault after a joint jury trial. Whether the probative value of evidence of unrelated prior offenses was exceeded by its prejudice.

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Whether the penalty of life without the possibility of parole is constitutionally permissible, and whether the statutory scheme authorized the procedural steps employed by the State in seeking such penalty. Whether pretrial publicity linking Anderson to several violent crimes required a change of venue. Whether the information supporting the issuance of a search warrant was stale; whether a polygraph test result was improperly considered in determining veracity of the informant; and whether the search was extended beyond the limits of the warrant.

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Whether a prima facie showing of a conspiracy had been established and whether the extrajudicial statements of a nontestifying codefendant were made during the course of and in furtherance of a conspiracy so as to remove such statements from the ambit of inadmissible hearsay. Closely allied to the issues concerning the coconspirators' statements is whether a severance of defendants' trials should have been granted. To the extent such issues and arguments support Stratton's assignments of error they have have been considered by the court.

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He has not adopted Anderson's specific assignments of error. In any event, Anderson's assignments of any merit are peculiar only to Anderson. Whether the prosecutor's questioning of a State's witness concerning a polygraph test requires a mistrial. Whether expert testimony concerning spectrophotometer analysis and shell case markings was so speculative as to require its exclusion. Whether prosecutorial misconduct deprived him of a fair trial because of: a. Prosecutor's unsworn statement purporting to explain the source and possession of certain sums of money by one of the defendants; b.

Prosecutor's questions about a polygraph test administered to one of the State's key witnesses; c. Prosecutor's questions of a State's witness as to whether he feared Stratton. Whether the facts justified a jury instruction on a lesser included offense of murder. We are satisfied that Anderson was entitled to a severance because certain coconspirators' extrajudicial statements not in furtherance of the conspiracy were improperly admitted in evidence and, despite all other assignments being without merit, we are unable to hold that the error in refusing severance was harmless beyond a reasonable doubt.

We therefore affirm Stratton's convictions and sentences but reverse as to Anderson and remand for a new trial. The genesis of this case was a contract killing in Thurston County on February 19, Denying involvement to the police, Hernandez eventually confided in Jim Hall, a bartender at the Yorktown Restaurant in Pierce County, detailing her husband's murder as well as a jewelry insurance scheme proposed by Stratton. Believing that Hall had told a third person about the contract murder and insurance scheme, and fearing reprisals, Hernandez approached Stratton and told him of her conversations with Hall.

On December 18, , at approximately 10 p. Without a word, the gunman fired eight rounds from a. When the smoke cleared, three lounge customers lay dead and three seriously wounded. Joyce Hernandez and Jim Hall were in the lounge during the shooting, but were unharmed. The State contends that Anderson did the shooting at Stratton's request to keep Hernandez quiet and to persuade her to continue paying for Jesse's killing. In support of the State's theory, the prosecution introduced, over objection, evidence of two crimes in King County.

Federal Way man charged in shooting of newspaper delivery driver | Federal Way Mirror

White drove the getaway car while Anderson proceeded inside with a black bag in which he carried pistols, gloves, ski mask, wig, and a hat. The restaurant manager, Henry Gee, tried to prevent Anderson's escape.

A salvo from Anderson's. White was arrested on January 27, , in connection with a number of King County robberies. In exchange for immunity, White described to the police Anderson's and Stratton's involvement in the South China Doll robbery-homicide, the Yorktown shootings, and the Thurston County contract murder of Jesse Hernandez. Stratton and Anderson were arrested at a Federal Way residence where, at one time, White lived with the two. Supported by an affidavit, a search warrant was issued on March 11, , to search the Federal Way residence.

The search produced numerous bullet casings bearing a red polish mark and several weapon components, including a "slide" to a. A second search warrant issued on March 21, , ostensibly to look for specific clothing used in the King County crimes, revealed a. On the same day, a third search warrant was obtained to search the vacuum cleaner.

The prosecution's criminologist testified at trial that the shell casings recovered from the Yorktown and the shell casing recovered from the Casa Lupita had been fired by a weapon utilizing the "slide" retrieved on the first search of the residence. He further testified that the "slide" recovered on the.

Seattle Police serve narcotics warrant in Kent, man shoots self in leg

A spectrophotometric analysis revealed that the red polish on the shell casings recovered from the different crimes was chemically identical. Hernandez and White testified for the State. Although unable to identify Anderson as the masked gunman, Hernandez recalled that the gunman was of a size and build similar to Anderson. White did not witness the carnage at the Yorktown Restaurant. However, he testified that on that night at about 9 p. Anderson returned shortly after White had heard of the Yorktown shootings on the 11 p. Anderson then sat and listened to a police scanner and appeared agitated.

White also testified that Anderson owned equipment used to reload expended shell casings, identified the. Over continuous objections Hernandez and White recounted statements made by Stratton that implicated Anderson as the Yorktown gunman. The jury found each defendant guilty and further found aggravating circumstances. The trial court denied motions for new trials, sentencing each to three life terms without parole murder and three life terms assault to run consecutively.

As the basis for the motion for change of venue, the defense cited the publicity surrounding the Yorktown incident, the Casa Lupita and South China Doll prosecutions of Anderson in King County, and the murder prosecution of Stratton in Thurston County. Stratton was convicted of first degree murder for killing Jesse Hernandez. Publicity alone does not justify a change of venue.

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To determine whether the trial court abused its discretion in denying the change of venue motion, it must be shown that there exists an apparent probability of prejudice to defendants' right to an impartial jury. The record discloses a careful selection of each juror after independent voir dire. Some of the prospective jurors had read something about the incidents, but they could not remember details.

Furthermore, the defense accepted the jury panel after calling only 32 prospective jurors and did not utilize all of their peremptory challenges.