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Our composite crews of IRATA or SPRAT Certified tradespeople including electricians, insulators and pipefitters can start and finish both long and short-term maintenance projects from ropes in all kinds of industries. Water main under a bridge? No problem! Flare stack? Tank refurbishment? Come check out our amazing teams in action and challenge us with your most complex projects.

Rope Access.

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Click to Watch Video. Learn More. Engineering Overview. With more than 80 offices in North America, we are ready to mobilize to any location you need quickly and efficiently.

Customers need evidence-based proven solutions that increase efficiency.

No matter how difficult your integrity challenge is, we have a solution. We use state-of-the-art technology and access optimization tactics to reduce or eliminate the need for slow, expensive scaffolding.

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In many cases, we can provide inspection services without the need to take your plant offline and can often complete inspections within hours instead of days. Pipelines, large industrial sites, laboratories, and thick steel walls are no match for us.

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Mold Hotline: or local: Presence of Mold after a Severe Weather Event: Excess moisture and standing water contribute to the growth of mold in homes and other buildings. Steps can be taken to prevent mold growth if wet items are cleaned and dried within 24 to 48 hours. Make sure you only enter your home once it is safe. Signs of Mold: Mold can be recognized by sight or smell or present no signs at all hidden behind walls or under floors Sight Mold growth often appears on walls and ceilings, looks like spots and can be many different colors Smell You may smell a strong unpleasant musty, earthy odor People at Greatest Risk for Health Effects from Mold: If you are allergic to mold, or you have asthma, allergies, or other breathing conditions, being around mold may make your condition worse.

If you have a chronic lung condition or a weak immune system such as people with HIV infection, cancer patients taking chemotherapy, and people who have received an organ transplant , you could be more susceptible to mold infections in your lungs. Possible Health Effects of Mold Exposure: People who are sensitive to mold may have a stuffy nose, irritated eyes, wheezing, or skin irritation.

People who are allergic to mold may have difficulty breathing or have shortness of breath.

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People with weakened immune systems or chronic lung diseases may develop mold infections in their lungs. If you or your family members have health problems after exposure to mold and you think that mold is affecting your health, please contact your doctor or other health care provider. Cleaning Wet or Moldy Items after a Severe Weather Event: When your home is safe to enter, dry out your home as quickly as possible to minimize mold problems and perhaps even prevent the growth of mold at all.

Water damage specialists or mold remediation companies have experience with cleanups of flooded homes and can provide you the peace of mind of knowing mold problems will be properly taken care of.

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At a minimum, a maintenance or service professional that is experienced in mold clean up should check and clean your home heating, ventilating and air-conditioning HVAC system before you turn it on. If the HVAC system was flooded with water, turning on the system may spread mold throughout the house. If you choose to perform clean up yourself, the U. Never mix bleach with other household cleaners.

Water Quality Standards (CHE)

Mixing bleach and ammonia can produce dangerous toxic fumes.