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Subsequent calls and emails to Kranda went unanswered. During the January 21 hearing, Kranda testified in support of the bill on behalf of Missouri River Energy Services, a utility provider in four Upper Midwest states. Records from the North Dakota secretary of state show that Kranda is also a registered lobbyist for the North Dakota Petroleum Council and various fossil fuel companies, including the Keystone XL pipeline builder TransCanada.

In , Kranda was registered as a lobbyist for Alliance Pipeline, which recently announced a major expansion in North Dakota.

The struggle against the Dakota Access pipeline galvanized a global movement, but it also led to intensive police monitoring, violent suppression of protests, and the prolonged prosecution of hundreds of activists. The overwhelming majority of charges brought against pipeline opponents were eventually dismissed due to lack of evidence.

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In numerous cases, lawyers and activists drew on documents that media outlets obtained via open records requests to defend those under prosecution. This is an effort to prevent that in the future.

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Behind the scenes, law enforcement officers responded to the records requests with consternation. General information can be obtained by making an inquiry at Email. Certain public records requests must be handled through the Bismarck Police Records section. In order to or obtain records or reports, you must come in during the normal business hours of the Records Section, Monday through Friday, AMPM. Please be advised that there may be a fee for records, and requests may take several days to process.

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The Records Section may be reached at How can I receive alerts about Bismarck Police Activity? Alerts can be sent to you automatically by electronic mail. Get Directions.

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Even if these people don't aspire to management, a bachelor's degree should still be the goal because it helps in so many ways — even with simple life skills. As of May , North Dakota had an unemployment rate of 3. Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and it is unlikely that you will have similar results.

The curriculum focuses heavily on theoretical perspectives and case studies.

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While my coursework included numerous reading and writing assignments, I felt that I have gained more knowledge into the world of Criminal Justice here than I would have anywhere else. All the faculty have PhDs and expertise in the different fields related to criminal justice. This provides a unique opportunity for me and other students to see and hear firsthand on how the criminal justice system works here in the United States and around the world. Thanks to the faculty, who supported me through the program, I now have a new perspective on criminal justice and to why people do what they do.

I would recommend this program to anyone. It is a nice campus, generally nice staff and students mostly midwestern, although the Aviation program draws from all over the country and world.

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College hockey is the big sport on campus, and Ralph Engelstad Arena is one of the best venues to watch a hockey game, college or professional. I spent my first year in the dorms McVey Hall , and that made adjusting to college life very simple. The dorm food was good, had healthy options, and very convenient hours.