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If a birth parent is known to be deceased their identity may be released if it does not breach the confidentiality of another legally identified birth parent. Birth parents s may request the Adoption Search Program to provide important medical and genetic information to their birth children.

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A written statement from a licensed medical provider must be with each request. Notify the birth parents s that an adoptee has developed a genetically transferable disease or condition. Notify the adoptive parents s that the adoptee's birth parent s or birth sibling s developed a genetically transferable disease or condition.

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This notification is done when the Department of Children and Families receives written notification from a licensed medical provider. Adoptive parents may request medical, genetic, and non-identifying social history information about their adoptee's birth relatives.

Adults who were not legally adopted as children and whose birth parent s terminated parental rights may request:. In the table below are the available forms for adoption search processes.

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Click on the arrows next to any of the column headings to sort by that data type. There is also a text search option. The parent is no longer the parent of the child. The parent cannot make any decisions about the child. The parent is not responsible for the child. What is the law?

Birth parents s requirements and rights: Birth parent s are required to provide medical and genetic information to the court at the time parental rights are terminated. Each birth parent s may file an affidavit with the Department of Children and Families: This affidavit consents to the release of his or her identity and location and the impounded birth certificate. Many birth parents wonder about what has become of their adopted children.

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Manitoba understands that in the past, individuals involved in adoptions were promised confidentiality. It allows adoptees and birth parents to access available identifying information.

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It also allows them to maintain privacy if they wish. To maintain privacy, an adoptee or birth parent may file a Disclosure Veto or a Contact Preference.

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  7. If you have moved or changed your name, phone number or email address since your last contact with the Manitoba Post-Adoption Registry, please notify us. Call our toll free number or complete and submit the Change of Information form. Get Started.