Tunica county marriage records sallie and bowman 1885

Watts, born October 14, and died August 17,, the son of William C. Watts and Lizzie M.

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Louis Carew Watts born October 22, and died on March 16, Williford and Mary J. Watts and Birdie Harrell. Mary Ann was born on May 5, and died in June James was married secondly on February 12, to Lydia O. James died on April 15, from an acute heart attack. Watson Elias Edwards born December 5, and died November 5, He was married first on February 26, to Mary A. Williford, born July 21, and died in November , the daughter of George W. She was born March 28, and died March 24, They are buried in Colyell Baptist Church Cemetery.

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  7. Mary Williford was married secondly on June 11, to William L. Emma Isola Edwards born November 22, and died March 28, Andrews and Cynthia Hanna. During the first seventeen years of their marriage they lived at various places and worked as sharecropper farmers. There they built a home and made it their residence until they died. Rowena Alma Edwards born April 9, and died April 23, He was buried in Colyell Baptist Church Cemetery.

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    Rowena was married on November 1, to Hiram E. Guy Thomas Edwards born November 2, and died January 21, Sarah Ethel Edwards born November 27, and died September 20, He was born August 18, and died in November He never married. Gladys Loutisha Edwards born October 9, and died October 4, Both are buried in Felder Cemetery. William T. Edwards born May 22, He was married secondly on May 16, to Ida E. Rushing, born in May and died before ,? Louise Edwards born November 9, and died July 15, She was married to?? She was married on July 19, to Charles E.

    Woodward, born August 14, and died August 11, He was the son of Albert Woodward and Felicie Burns. Both are buried in Palmetto Cemetery in Walker, Louisiana. Wiley Preston Edwards born September 19, and died on February 23, He was married on May 31, to Esther I. Williford, the daughter of George W. She was born May 15, and died November 8, Alzada Edwards born September 16, and died January 28, Wesley Turner Edwards born February 16, and died August 29, Lela Ann Edwards born April 1, and died on September 14, She was later adopted by David and Sarah Averett Watts.

    He was the son of John W. Stafford and Emma Collins. He was the son of Arthur Whitehead and Hattie Kelton. Thomas M. Edwards born about in Livingston Parish. Louis Clarkston Edwards born May 10, and died May 20, She was born in and died January 11, He was secondly married on October 6, to Marcia O.

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    Daniel E. Edwards born August 15, and died March 14, Harrell and Lillie Watts. Leroy Edwards born and died March 13, David M.

    Edwards born about and died February 9, She was born November 8, and died January 3 or 10, Charles Averett born about in Livingston Parish,La. Murder witnessed by family members at the house. He was first married about to Harriet Loflin, born about and died August 6, in Livingston Parish. Sartwell and Lucinda Deters Detries.

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    He is buried in Felder Cemetery. After his death Ella lived the remainder of her life with her daughter, Susie Averett Wells, in Gonzales, LA where she died on December 13, from a cerebral hemorrhage. Sarah Catherine Averett born October 7, and died October 2, Both of his parents were born in Alabama. He died March 19, from gangrene of the feet caused by diabetes which he had for 14 years. Indiana "Anna" Missouri Averett born September 24, in Colyell and died September 11, from cancer of the liver. Both of them are buried in Colyell Baptist Church Cemetery.

    John Oliver Averett born June 23, and died December 26, She was born May 9, and died April 27, Walter James Averett born June 16, and died October 11, She was born December 5, and died December 30, They were buried in Colyell Baptist Church Cemetery.

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    He was buried in the Roselawn Cemetery in Baton Rouge. She was married secondly to?? She died in June Frank M. Averett born September 11, and died August 9, Ernest M. All three are buried in Colyell Baptist Church Cemetery. Lawrence Allen Averett born February 6, and died in during an influenza epidemic. Amant, Louisiana. Enos died on October 11, of a massive heart attack and Zelma died on July 13, from breast cancer and both were buried in St.

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    Watson was a Private in Co. C, 9th Battn, La. Infantry during the Civil War. He entered service on April 5th,, and was present on all rolls as of October Colyell Baptist Church records. Laura died January 11, Louis was married secondly on October 6, to Marcia O. Elias Bennett born about Sarah died January 3 or 10, Mary Ann died in June She died September 20, and her baby died the same day.

    Bennett born July 11, and died on December 23, She was married to John Edler,Jr. John Rentz Averett born November 22, and died June 11, She was born November 1, and died February 3, Both are buried in the Colyell Baptist Church Cemetery. He was the son of Sanders Hardy and Angeline Wells.


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    Margaret Ann Averett born August 27, and died February 8, She was married on November 7, to William H. Willie, born March 25, and died February 6, due to pneumonia from influenza. He was married on July 31, to Lula B. Davis, born September 22, and died January 26, She was the daughter of J. Davis and Amelia??. Infant died August 23, Colyell Baptist Church records.

    Minerva Jane Averett born September 23, and died August 19, He was born January 27, and died September 14, John Melvin Averett born August 15, and died December 29, John was buried in the Colyell Baptist Church Cemetery. George Edward Averett born November 27, August 15, Blount and Elizabeth L. Wilma Rozenna Averett born September 17, and died January 3, Both are buried in the Zeigler Cemetery west of Springville,La.